You will have received an email invitation to order your site(s).  (If you have found this page by accident and have not been invited by email to order, please complete our application form and you will be on our wait list).

Below are links for each section of the market and for site sizes, with or without car spaces. It is important that you book your normal section/size or if you have been on our wait list and have been invited to book that you select the region that we have advised we can fit you into.

You may see for example, that there is an available site with car space in the centre of the market and think....Well, I will book that. If it is not where you are usually positioned, please don't. We have exactly the right inventory for the number of regular stall-holders. If you book somewhere else in the market we will need to cancel your booking.


Please make sure that you read our 2021 Terms and Conditions especially in relation to Public Liability Insurance and COVID Safe event practices.

Thank you.


1.  Select BELOW the section of the market that you were located in 2019/20 and the type of site you occupied (eg: standard site; table; standard site with car space)


2. Select the month (up to the end of the year)..order right through to the end of year if you want to attend all markets in 2021.

3. Add your site to the cart "Add to Bag" and build up your order

4. Continue booking (click continue shopping\ and select the site region/size above left, a blue text link) for as many months that you want to attend. 

5. When complete, go to checkout and confirm order

6. You will receive an email to confirm that we have received your order and our account details for your direct debit payment. Your order is NOT confirmed until we have received the first three months payment within 48 hours or your credit note reference. Your order then becomes your booking for 2021.

7. Payment for the first three (3) months of your order must be made within the 48 hours with the payment reference being your order number or your credit note reference.. Failure to do so will result in your order expiring and being cancelled. NO REMINDER WILL BE SENT ABOUT PAYMENTS IN 2021.