As you are aware the Warrandyte Riverside Market is operated by a Committee of Management (COM) comprising of the Rotary Club of Warrandyte & Donvale (lead partner), Lions Club of Warrandyte, Warrandyte Community Church, Warrandyte Community Association, and the North Warrandyte CFA.

We operate the market under the insurance protection of the International Rotary Policy.

We have now been advised that “The Insurer will not cover personal injury as a result of your reckless disregard of any guidelines, principles or instruction issued by the Australian Government, relevant State or Territory Government, the New Zealand Government or any other relevant Government jurisdiction you operate in, regarding any infectious or communicable disease, bacteria or virus."

As a result of this new requirement, we have been advised that:

  • All Rotarian and partner volunteers and Market Stall holders and their staff at Rotary Markets must be double vaccinated.

  • Clubs must ensure that they can verify that they have seen certified proof of these vaccinations.

  • Clubs must ensure that they are maintaining an up-to-date list of all double vaccinated Rotary volunteers and Market Stall holders and their staff at the Rotary Market and can produce it on the spot should that be required.


The bottom line is that to now be a stall holder at the Warrandyte Riverside Market you and your staff must be double vaccinated for COVID 19 and we must have proof of that vaccination on our files. If you cannot provide your COVID 19 Digital Certificate of Vaccination or have decided to remain unvaccinated you cannot be a stall holder.

Unfortunately, the choice in this matter is beyond our control.


Sample of a COVID 19 Digital Certificate that is required is shown on the left.

So should the market resume in November, on Saturday 6th November, we will need a copy of your and any of your staff’s COVID 19 digital certificates for our records. If we don’t have these on file you and your staff cannot participate the market.

Please email your digital certificate as an attachment to an email headed “COVID 19 Certificate for your name”.  Please provide a separate email for each certificate.

Thank you for your cooperation in this important matter.

Market Manager:
Greg Rowell
on behalf of
Warrandyte Riverside Market