Policy on political campaigning and other non- stallholder activity on market licensed premises.


The operation and management of the Warrandyte Riverside Market is under licence from Manningham City Council and Parks Victoria to the Committee of Management on the designated land area defined in the licence.


Political activity, campaigning and other non-stallholder activity on market days is at the discretion of the Committee of Management and must be authorised in advance.


Preference will be given to incorporated local organisations with public liability insurance. There will be no charge.


Application should be to stalls@warrandyteriversidemarket.com.au at least two weeks in advance of the market accompanied by a copy of any material proposed to be distributed.


Walk through activity (e.g. with T-shirt logos, leaflets and giveaways) is acceptable but activities must comply with provisions of all statutes, regulations, local laws and  by-laws and not create an actionable nuisance, annoyance or disturbance.


Posters, placards and static displays are not acceptable.


Any litter resulting from the activity must be cleaned up by the applicant or a clean-up charge will apply.


The time and location of the activity will be specified by the Market Manager on behalf of the Committee of Management.


Warrandyte Riverside Market

Committee of Management

29 January 2019.