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2023 Market Site Layout Plan

There are six regions within the market: Western (W), Central (C), Eastern (E), Church Walkway (CHW) area and BitPark (BP) [a bitumen car park area at the base of Stiggant Street] and the Police Street (POL) entrance. There is a separate page for each of the three sections of the market.

  • Sites that face the river point North West.

  • Sites that have their back to the river face South East.

  • Sites in Church Walkway that face Police Street point North East.

  • Sites in Church Walkway that face in the direction of Stiggant Street point South West.


Please note that in 2023 the following sites are currently not available for operational reasons...shown in black fill.

Service Update - As from May 2023 market stallholder information and location will be sent by SMS with links to the latest stall holder information for the next market and the list of where each stallholder is located. The SMS will arrive between 9am and 10am on the Thursday morning before every market. A similar message will also be sent to your email address. Also a list of stallholders will be added to the market website at the same time.


Central:  Site 02; Site 16; Site 51; Site CTA, CTB, CTC, CTD

Western: Site 13


Here is the 2023 Site Plan:   

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