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Site fees for 2024 will be:

  • Table Site 3.2m x 1.5m - $50

  • Standard Site 3.2m x 3m site - $75

  • Standard Site 3.2m x 3m site with a car space - $85

  • Premium Site 3.2m x 4.5m with car space on bitumen - $95

Please note: Sites with car parking spaces are limited as are sites that have access to power. Generators can be used in specific circumstances with approval from the Market Manager.

Service Update - As from May 2023 market stallholder information and location will be sent by SMS with links to the latest stall holder information for the next market and the list of where each stallholder is located. The SMS will arrive between 9am and 10am on the Thursday morning before every market. A similar message will also be sent to your email address. Also a list of stallholders will be added to the market website at the same time.

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